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Secure Data Deletion from an Industry Leader

Secure Data Recovery Services provides exceptional options for professional file deletion and digital media destruction. Our engineers can safely destroy any number of files, regardless of size, media type, or operating system, and our flexible turnaround options give your business an easy way to manage costs during large operations.

If you work with confidential information, you need a trusted resource for secure data destruction.

On many operating systems, deleting a file does not actually destroy the data, but simply removes headers. This opens up the file space for rewriting, but does not provide sufficient security for highly sensitive files.

As the experts in data recovery, engineers work with deleted digital files regularly. We understand the limitations of magnetic data storage. Our secure data destruction services provide a cost-effective way to stay protected while maintaining full compliance with various laws and regulations.

Maintaining Compliance with Secure Data Destruction Services uses professional file deletion methods that completely eliminate data from any type of device, protecting you from compliance violations and privacy issues.

Federal, state, and local regulations change frequently to keep up with evolving privacy concerns, and failing to comply with these detailed rules can be expensive — penalties include lengthy audits and significant fines. Every industry shares the challenge of maintaining digital privacy, but the codes that govern data disposal vary between applications.

With our extensive hardware library, we can securely delete files from all types of digital storage devices including:

Hard Drives and Solid-State Drives

USB Drives and Other Flash Media

CDs, DVDs and Other Optical Media

All Data Tape and Data Cartridge Formats

RAID Arrays, NAS Appliances, Virtual Servers and More

Developing a Secure Data Deletion Plan for Your Business

Following NIST recommendations, our teams work with you to determine the best method of data destruction for your organization.

Consider the following questions when making a sanitization plan for storage media:

Does your company plan on reusing the storage device?

The most common methods for secure data destruction require forfeiture of media. However, if you wish to reuse hard drives, servers, or other devices, we can perform successive overwrites to provide complete security without damaging media.

How can you keep your data secure during deletion?

Choose a data recovery company with a proven track record of discretion. has been a leader in the field of data recovery and deletion since 1998, and we have performed services for high-security clients including NASA, the Mayo Clinic and the Department of Homeland Security.

What is the environmental impact of secure file deletion?

Digital storage devices sometimes contain heavy metals and other pollutants. If your device has reached the end of its operating life, our engineers can wipe the data and dispose of the physical device in an environmentally responsible manner.

How long does it take to securely delete files?

Our engineers can complete secure data deletion processes within your schedule. All services are held to the same high standards, and successive checks ensure security.

We offer secure deletion options for every type of device. While we regularly work with hard drives and servers, our laboratories are also equipped with read/write technologies for all types of data tapes. In addition to secure deletion, we offer tape recovery and duplication services. Contact a customer service team member for more information.

Delete Files Securely and Professionally with engineers verify the results of every secure deletion and provide professional documentation that can save you from an audit. We also verify third-party overwrites and low-level formats, assuring you that your sensitive data is safe.

We use proprietary secure file deletion tools to overwrite data in accordance with Department of Defense (DoD) standards. This includes a standard number of overwrite passes, including randomized passes. Our process ensures that all deleted data is completely unrecoverable and unreadable. We use a future-proof set of procedures that completely removes magnetic records of data, and we stand by the quality of our services.

To get started or for detailed information regarding our secure data deletion process, call our customer service team today.