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Home / CCTV/DVR Data Recovery has expertise in CCTV & DVR data recovery from dead, corrupted, faulty, formatted or damaged systems. has effectively restored and rescued lost data, images or footage from dead or faulty security camera system hard drives. Our Data Recovery process emerges where other solution fails. We have well-planned CCTV recovery process, which can make your CCTV recovery more efficient. Our highly trained CCTV recovery experts can deliver data recovery services where others have failed.

CCTV and DVR systems are a new field in today’s globe. CCTV or DVR footage or recordings are regularly used as evidence or proof in legal or personal issues. Data is stored on hard drives in CCTV/DVR systems.
Unfortunately, video is lost or destroyed in certain critical circumstances. We repairs and recovers footage from malfunctioning CCTV / DVR systems.



We provide CCTV recovery services from all types of CCTV camera hard disk drives irrespective of Brand and Size. The process of CCTV recovery and DVR data recovery is complex and our highly trained engineers have the expertise to perform recovery from CCTV’s. We will return your CCTV/DVR lost data or footages irrespective of the cause of damage or fault. Such damage could be physical damage, mechanical failure or accidental deletion.

Why for CCTV/DVR Data Recovery?

Our CCTV Video Recovery experts have the necessary resources and skillset that is required for CCTV Footage Recovery Irrespective of the storage media on which the lost files were stored. Our team of engineers has been in the business for the last 15 years in which it has managed to record a 95% success rate in all its data recovery attempts. This has earned us a good reputation in Sri Lanka – our clients are mostly business enterprises and large corporations although we cater to individuals as well. It implies that an ordinary homeowner’s DVR Data Recovery needs will be treated with similar urgency as those of a large corporation that stores its data on a NAS device.

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How to Reach Best CCTV/DVR Data Recovery?

Unless you have the appropriate knowledge, do not attempt to retrieve data from inaccessible storage devices on your own.
Instead, contact our customer service department and make arrangements for how your hard drives or other means will be sent to us. DVR Data Recovery projects usually take us a day or two to finish.

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Our CCTV Digital Video Recorder (DVR) recovery service recovers video recordings from physically damaged hardware and in any situation where recorded video is inaccessible or cannot be exported from the DVR.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I recover CCTV footage from damaged DVR?

Yes, it is possible to recover CCTV footage from a damaged DVR. But the recovery solution depends on what type of damage has been done to the DVR.

What are the reasons for loss of CCTV footage?

There are many reasons that lead to loss of CCTV footage. Here are some of the major reasons that can lead to the loss of CCTV footage – accidental deletion of footage, DVR hard disk damage, failed DVR system, damaged DVR circuit board etc.

Can a CCTV footage that has been affected by malicious code be recovered?

Yes, you can recover a CCTV footage that has been affected by malicious code. Attacks by malicious codes bring logical damage to the hard drive that can be repaired with assistance from professionals.

What is the cost to recover CCTV/DVR footage?

CCTV/DVR footage recovery cost can be estimated by the different parameters such as type of data loss situation, the storage capacity of DVR hard drive and condition of DVR (physical or logical failure).

Where should I go for CCTV/DVR footage recovery solution?

CCTV video footages are keys to investigation and evidence. Stored in hard drives, SSDs and other storage media, these crucial videos can get deleted or lost due to human error, water, fire or natural calamities. No worries, No matter what type of CCTV/DVR you are using, Techchef restore deleted/ lost CCTV recordings in almost all data loss scenarios. As we have 95% success rate of CCTV/DVR footage recovery.