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The growing demand of bigger storage needs of business organisations nowadays, NAS (Network Attached Storage) was introduced to provide for effective storage solutions.

If you’re heavily dependent on mass storage boxes can interruption, loss of computers, accidental deletion of files, failure of hard drives and power cuts an organisation thousands of cost. For those cases, provides fast and efficient NAS data recovery services.

Your Network Attached Storage (NAS) device is an essential element of your network. It stores crucial data for your users, and a failure can drastically affect the way your organization operates.

While you take precautions to protect your most important files, NAS appliances can fail for dozens of reasons. In some situations, you might not have access to an up-to-date backup, and whether you encounter multiple hard drive failures, hardware malfunctions, or a software issue, you need assistance from a fully qualified data recovery provider in order to quickly restore your files. provides options for all types of NAS appliances. As a world leader in professional data recovery, we can treat mechanical, electronic, and logical failures, quickly returning your files on the media of your choice, and our teams have experience with virtually all failure scenarios and hardware configurations.

Features of our NAS data recovery services:

Better Security Through Department of Defense Standards – We follow advanced protocols from the moment your NAS arrives at our laboratory, and our methods comply with procedures established by the Department of Defense (DOD). Nondisclosure agreements and other legal documents are available upon request.

Specialized Procedures for NAS Cases – As NAS specialists, we have onsite hardware to treat appliances from Synology, QNAP, Buffalo, and various other manufacturers. We also maintain a fully credentialed  each of our laboratories.

Anytime Updates™ – Our customer service team can respond to your requests 24 hours a day. We offer NAS data recovery services 365 days a year, and our online status reports give you up-to-the-minute access to important case information.

Choose from Several Case Options – In addition to our standard NAS data recovery services, we have priority and emergency options with limited turnaround times.’s engineers can work within your timeframe while providing safe services with Department of Defense security standards.

We also offer exclusive remote data recovery services for some NAS appliances, and our engineers can analyze your device’s failure to help you select appropriate options for your case.

NAS failures require immediate treatment. You need fast, secure results, and offers the solutions you need to effectively maintain your network after any type of failure.

Situations of Data Loss In NAS

One or more drives fail or go offline.

The addition of incompatible hard drives to the RAID array.

Damage or inaccessibility of data by a viral infection.

Loss of network shared volumes due to accidental formatting or loss of the original configuration.

Failure of the RAID controller or change the RAID configuration.

Deleting files during backup.

Server crashes and cannot mount volumes/partitions.

Natural disasters.

Corrupted Metadata

Do’s & Don’ts For NAS Failure

If you receive an error message indicating the failure of more than one hard disks, do not attempt to reset the NAS.

Do not start the rebuilding process of a newly installed drive without first checking the health of all other disks.

Immediately seek the help of NAS data recovery specialists.