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Password Recovery Services Methods

When data is inaccessible due to a lost or intentionally hidden password, several recovery options exist.

In many instances, password recovery engineers can refine standard heuristical rules to run through likely solutions or use parts of remembered passwords to construct a more effective model. This is completed via a detailed audit, which identifies likely components of the password (and just as importantly, unlikely components of the password).

When a program uses hashing to store a password, additional options may exist. In encryption, hashing is a security method that condenses a message into a fixed-length value, and it’s commonly used to store passwords. Hashed passwords are difficult to obtain, but certain hashing methods can be reversed by trained engineers. Specialized hardware allows our team to input anywhere from 10,000 to 40 trillion hashes per second.’s experts have a working knowledge of various encryption and hashing technologies and can complete specialized audits to optimize the chances of a successful effort.

We can help you determine the best solution for your case by evaluating the methods used to secure the data. Throughout the process, we use verified security controls to keep your data from falling into the wrong hands, ensuring that unauthorized parties never gain access to your files or the recovered passwords.

What Factors Influence Password Recovery Efforts?

The main factors that influence password recovery include:

Password Length

Encryption Type

Size of Encrypted Files

Location of Encrypted Files

When setting up your case, our engineers will help you understand whether your passwords are likely recoverable, how long the recovery will take, and an estimated price. While most password recoveries are successful, each case is unique and deserves dedicated attention from a qualified team of cryptography experts.