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SAN are typically larger systems used to provide access to data over multiple networks. RAID systems, commonly, RAID 50 can be found in a SAN. SAN are primarily used to enhance storage devices or servers and can be as big as a 14 drive system. SAN are usually found in both enterprise and small to medium sized business environments.

Every Storage Area Network (SAN) ultimately depends on physical media, and machines eventually break down. When multiple disks in your SAN fail simultaneously, you can lose access to databases, email servers, or any other files that your enterprise depends on.

Factors That Affect SAN Recovery and Repair

The great strength of a SAN — universal access to shared storage — also produces great vulnerability, even with redundant protections. Multilevel SAN failures prevent access to databases or even boot configuration data for entire operations.

When your SAN fails, turn to the experts at Our specialists can recover the data from your SAN reliably, and industry-leading turnaround times give you the confidence you need to develop an effective disaster recovery plan.

Despite multiple levels of redundancy and reliable backup systems, SANs still crash, losing crucial data in the process. Common SAN failures result from a variety of faults, including:

Simultaneous Drive Crashes – SAN hard disks are especially vulnerable after stress on the system, which can increase the chances of multiple hard disk failures.

Physical Damage – SAN hardware is as vulnerable to fire, water, and smoke damage as any disk drive. Even in the event of such a catastrophe, it may be possible to restore data from damaged disks.

Independent Hardware Failure – SAN systems include servers, storage media, network switches, and lots of cabling. Physical defects in any of these components can interrupt service, sometimes bringing down the entire system.

Software Corruption – Software utilities control SAN, managing and coordinating the various physical storage devices. Software issues or incompatibilities between applications can trigger system failures.

Make a plan for possible SAN failure. As companies generate more and more data, storage will become increasingly valuable. According to recent market research, SANs will become a leading storage solution for enterprises the world over, with a projected 51.3 percent increase between 2015 and 2020. Experience with SAN Data Recovery

Data recovery becomes much more intricate when failed hard drives are part of an RAID array or server. Our highly skilled recovery engineers will work diligently to retrieve seemingly lost data from any server, RAID, or NAS device.

There are many different server types and configurations. Regardless of type, setup, or cause of failure can recover data from any mass storage device.

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Read about the features of our SAN data recovery services below:

Single Point Of Contact Know who you’ll be speaking to every time you pick up the phone. A dedicated customer service contact will know the details of your case and be ready to answer your questions.

Anytime Updates™ Any time you need to know the status of your case, day or night, has a way to find out.

We offer 24/7 online instant updates system which allows you to see engineering notes as they’re updated. You can also get more information at any time by calling your dedicated representative.

Experience Since our inception in 2010, has offered recovery services for all types of storage area networks. Our specialized engineers have worked with all types of SAN failure (including dozens of different setups, makes, and models) for years, and not just standard RAID arrays or hard drive cases. You can be sure that the engineers working on your case are aware of the care and attention to detail that SANs require.

Security Our laboratories utilize Department of Defense quality standards to ensure that your data stays secure. Nondisclosure agreements are also available upon request.

A Better Process for SAN Data Recovery

1-3 Business Day Turnaround for Most Cases

Evaluation Fee

An affordable evaluation fee ensures a faster price quote. At Priority, we guarantee same-day evaluation. If your case is not recoverable, you will not pay a service fee; the evaluation fee still applies. Evaluations are performed during normal business hours from Monday through Saturday.

24/7 Data Recovery Service

Call to speak to a SAN engineer, who will let you know how set up remote access to your network. We will also provide you with quotes for the evaluation and recovery at this time. Your situation will be evaluated and a turnaround time will be estimated. All SAN recoveries are automatically treated as high priorities, and recovery is automatically expedited. Our engineers work to recover your data. Data can be restored to any remote-accessible medium. 100% of all SAN devices are treated with nondestructive methods, and as with all of our services, if we can’t

What to do After a SAN RAID Crash

If you have experienced a failure, do not try to re-instantiate (regenerate) your strip or rebuild the array. Anything that is done to the array from this point forward can greatly reduce the ability to recover your irreplaceable data. What may seem intuitive to try can permanently destroy our ability to recover data from a failed SAN. Contact us immediately to ensure a fast and successful recovery of your business’s essential data.

SAN Data Recovery for all Situations

DataTech Labs can recover data from any type of server, RAID, or SAN with all types of failures. Our data recovery engineers have seen every situation imaginable.

• Multiple Drive Failures                          • RAID Controller Failure
• Accidental Re-Formatting                     • Stripping Corruption
• Formatted or Deleted Partitions          • Fire or Flood Damage