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The best option for Mac data recovery.

Apple computers are recognized for their excellent software, but every system can suffer from data loss. provides services for every Apple Macbook, Mac Pro and consumer electronic device. Over more than 15 years in the industry, we have recovered hundreds of terabytes of data for Apple users throughout the world, and many procedures developed in our laboratories are now commonly used throughout our industry.



Each data loss situation is unique. has developed proprietary hardware and software that allows us to deliver custom Mac data recovery solutions for all common and catastrophic data loss situations. As a result, engineers consistently recover files and other data that other service providers have deemed lost forever. We recover data from mac hard drives on a daily basis!

EXPERTS specializes in recovering data from all operating systems and all types of devices including desktop computers, laptops, servers, and iPhones or iPads running Mac OS or Apple iOS. This is the reason we routinely rescue lost Adobe files, mail servers, photos, videos, documents and other critical data for individuals and organizations of all sizes.


When sensitive Macintosh computer data is being recovered, maintaining a high level of security isn’t an option—it’s a requirement. This company-wide security audit assures our customers that every aspect of our facility and network is secure enough to protect personal and confidential data from a security breach during the Mac data recovery process.

Our Recovery Process

We can recover data from Mac OS devices that have experienced accidental deletion, lost partitions, water or fire damage, failed logic boards, firmware corruption, and more. We have a 96% success rate in retrieving files from all manufacturer-designed drives and parts in an Apple device and never void your warranty.

Our engineers begin by completing a free diagnostic review of your Apple device and giving a price quote and estimated turnaround time. After you accept the diagnostics, engineers will repair your device to a temporary state of operation using our on-site parts inventory. We utilize a Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom for our recoveries to ensure the cleanest environment possible.

Once the repair is made, we image your data and work from a copy of the information to keep your device in its original state. Secure Data Recovery’s dedicated R&D team constantly discovers new recovery methods for existing and emerging Apple media. It is this proprietary technology that contributes to our success rate. After the data is recovered, it is sent back on a hardware encrypted storage device for total security.

What To Do When Your Apple Mac Device Fails

When your Apple device experiences physical or logical damage, it is important to follow these DOs and DON’Ts to increase your chance of a full recovery.


Immediately after a failure, turn the device off to prevent further damage

If you drop your device in water, remove the battery or power source to let it air dry

If you accidentally delete files or notice corruption, turn off the device to avoid overwriting


Don’t use recovery software on your device. It won’t recover all of your files and can overwrite the data you want to save.

Don’t perform a DIY recovery. Without the proper tools and Cleanroom environment, you will cause more damage and hurt your chances of recovery.

Don’t use a local service provider who doesn’t have proper certifications. Without experience and proven results, the provider may cause permanent data loss.