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Need help with the removal of ransomware? Are ransomware data recovery & decryption services? Are you looking for breach response & forensics services to identify how the ransomware attacker gain access?

datarecovery.lk services leveraging our proprietary threat intelligence from thousands of previous ransomware cases. We work every second of every day to restore your data quickly and reliably. Our breach Incident response team will support your every effort including: Ransomware Removal, Ransomware Data Recovery, Ransomware Recovery Payment, Data Breach Forensics Services. we have a 98% success rate on previous ransomware cases.

What is Ransomware?

Simply put, ransomware is a type of malicious software designed to block access to a computer system until a sum of money is paid. Hackers will put a ransomware virus on your computer – or your entire network – that makes it impossible for you to access your files until you pay them to unlock it.

The ransomware virus starts by taking over your computer, leaving you unable to access any of your personal files and documents. That data is still on your computer, but it is encrypted – meaning that a decryption key is required to regain access. The attacker demands a ransom in exchange for the decryption key, and this can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Attackers may also threaten to release your sensitive information, or may even pretend to be a law enforcement agency, demanding payment of a ‘fine’ rather than a ransom. Nationality is not a problem for ransomware attackers. They will blanket send malware into any industry they feel is vulnerable, waiting for at least a small percentage to panic and pay.

It is very important, however, to not pay ransomware attackers. Even if you pay the ransom in full, you may still not get your data returned to you.

To remove the ransomware and get your system back safely, you’ll need to find a company like datarecovery.lk to carry out ransomware removal on your device. datarecovery.lk is a Perth-based company with ransomware recovery skills and, alongside our partners, we will work diligently to regain your documents and personal information.

To remove the ransomware and get your system back safely, you’ll need to find a company like datarecovery.lk to carry out ransomware removal on your device. datarecovery.lk is a Perth-based company with ransomware recovery skills and, alongside our partners, we will work diligently to regain your documents and personal information.

Encrypting Ransomware

Incorporated with advanced encryption algorithms, this type of ransomware is designed to block system files and demand payment to provide the affected user with the key that will decrypt the blocked content. For example: Crypto Locker, Wannacry, Locky, CrytpoWall, etc.

Locker Ransomware

This malware locks the person out of the OS, making it impossible for them to access the data saved on it. Here, the files are not encrypted, but the ransomware still asks for a ransom to unlock the infected device. For example: Police-themed ransomware or Win locker.

MBR Ransomware

Master Boot Record (MBR) ransomware is a type of Locker ransomware. The MBR is a section of a hard drive that enables the Operating System to boot up. However, when the MBR ransomware attacks the drive, the boot process fails to complete and demands the payment of ransom as soon as possible. For example: Satana, Petya, etc.

How ransomware impacts your business

Ransomware poses a serious threat to your business’s cybersecurity. Here’s what your business could expect if its computer systems become the victim of this sort of malware attack:

1. Loss of company data
Without enlisting the services of a ransomware removal specialist, this data loss can be permanent. If the data that the cybercriminals manage to obtain is valuable and confidential, then the ramifications are even more severe.

2. Financial loss
A ransomware attack could critically restrict your business’s operations and sales, leading to a loss of potential revenue. Additional financial loss results if the ransomware payment is made, as the attackers may still retain control of your data, and your systems remain vulnerable to future attacks.

3. Reputation damage
If your business’s sensitive information is exposed, your brand’s reputation may be damaged. This is especially true if the ransomware cybercriminals expose client information. Additionally, while your systems are down, your business is unable to serve its customers. These customers may choose to move to competitors instead.

datarecovery.lk ransomware removal services

If the worst happens and you find your business’s computer systems under attack from malicious software that’s locked you out of your system – with a message demanding payment – then you will need professional help to get cleared of the virus and to recover potentially locked data.

Do not pay the attackers any money.

The professional ransomware recovery services that we offer for business in worldwide. Our ransomware removal and data recovery services can assist you in clearing your systems of all malicious viruses and get you back up and running. In many cases, full ransomware data recovery is possible when the right decryption tool is used, the ransom payment is withheld, and the type of malware is correctly identified.

We can also discover any weak points in your cybersecurity model, to prevent future attacks from happening again. Our network support services, for example, ensure firewalls and software are set up to protect against and recover from a variety of viruses and malware.

We exhaust each and every option before we deem a case unrecoverable, making data recovery our top priority. Ransomware can be a challenging road to navigate. Stick with a company like Proven Data who worked on thousands of ransomware cases and can navigate the most complex roads.

Protecting your business against ransomware

Once the ransomware has been removed from your systems (or even if your business has never been the victim of malware, but you’re just looking to be proactive), it’s important to focus on ransomware prevention.

Ransomware prevention and protection is ongoing, and requires constant vigilance to keep your data safe. That’s why we recommend keeping in mind the following to aid in ransomware prevention:

Keep antivirus software for servers and firewalls up-to-date.

Ensure backups are performed daily (hourly if your system supports it), are working and are taken off-site.

Apply high-priority Microsoft updates at regular intervals.

Educate staff to recognize suspicious websites and emails, thereby ensuring that they do not open them.

Stay up-to-date on the latest phishing and rogue email scams. If you don’t open files that look dangerous, you won’t need to worry about malware.

Incorporate perimeter protection including Unified Threat Management, for inbound and outbound protection.

Power off and disconnect machines – thereafter notifying system administrators – if you suspect infection.

Looking for IT solutions in Perth? If your business is looking for a trusted IT partner with nationwide capability, DATARECOVERY.LK is here to support you.