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When you need professional computer forensics or electronic discovery services, you can’t afford anything less than the best.

With a staff comprised of the industry’s foremost computer forensics experts, datarecovery.lk Forensics leverages dozens of years of combined experience with excellent qualifications and top-tier data recovery laboratories. Our team is ready to give you superior options for electronic discovery, analysis, expert testimony, and more.

We guide you through every step of the computer forensic process from the initial incident response to in-courtroom representation. Each of our team members has the tools, knowledge, and expertise to provide real results, and we offer services for all types of media.

Specially Tailored

Sometimes large-scale electronic discovery matters are best addressed by a small computer forensics firm, one that can provide you with services specially tailored to your unique needs. datarecovery.lk is experienced in electronic evidence matters, providing computer forensics on a full range of complex e-discovery matters for clients of all sizes and needs.

Our expert witness experience is unsurpassed, having testified in open court and depositions for civil and criminal matters, rendering expert opinions regarding computer related data and operations in State, Federal, Appellate, and Military courts in matters involving computer, cell-phone, email, and internet forensics analysis, evaluating e-discovery plans, evidence spoliation, intellectual property, trademark infringement, patent infringement, insurance claims, fraud, business reorganization, and breach of contract.

datarecovery.lk can assist with

Computer Forensics Analysis and Data Recovery in one plcae

Cell Phone-Mobile Device Forensics Analysis and Data Recovery

Systems and Data Security

Data Recovery – Locate Crucial Evidence in Deleted Data – SMS Text Messages, Emails, Documents, and Spreadsheets

Incident Response – Data Breaches – Hacking – Insider Threats

E-Discovery – Requests – Review – Production – Keyword Searches